Clergy Directory

A list of all local clergy and religious leaders including congregation leaders, religious gathering groups, and LDS institutes

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Community Resource Directory

A list of community resources in the area including things like help for abuse, neglect & sexual assault and avalible housing opportunities

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Religions of Utah

A list of all the religious in Utah with background information, location, and contact information

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Utah Valley Interfaith Association

Utah Valley Interfaith Association is a group of nearly 40 faith groups that works to support religious liberty and charity in the community. In addition to congregations, UVIA also includes charities with a faith orientation, religious studies faculty and other community organizations.  UVIA also collaborates with other agencies that provide social work resources, emergency and disaster services, and chaplaincy training and services. As a part of the community, members of UVIA participate in various religious, patriotic and community service activities and events and is the primary sponsor of the National Day of Prayer commemoration.

The Golden Rule

Whatever you wish that others would do unto you, do this unto them; for this is the Law and the prophets.