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  • Pope Francis Trip To Chile Tainted by Scandal and Violence

    Pope Faced Unusual Criticism For Weak Response to Sexual Abuse When Pope Francis visits a country he is usually greeted by huge crowds praising his name. This was not the case when he arrived in Santiago, Chile. He was greeted by significantly smaller crowds and the crowd was mixed by positive statements and jeers. Why […] The post Pope Francis Trip To Chile Tainted by Scandal and Violence appeared first on World Religion News. […]

  • Ozzy Osborne Visits Ark Encounter Christian Theme Park

    The visit was part of a new TV show. Ozzy Osborne is not a name many people would mention in the same conversation, let alone sentence, with a Christian theme park. Yet the whole world was treated to a rather surprising treat when the English rock-and-roll singer and TV celebrity accompanied his son, Jack, to […] The post Ozzy Osborne Visits Ark Encounter Christian Theme Park appeared first on World Religion News. […]

  • The good, the bad and the Moody

    Because of the way religious communities are fractured and often distant from, if not openly at war with, each other, the Martys are not expected to know much about or to be at home as we were at Moody Church. […]

  • Gospel star Edwin Hawkins, known for ‘Oh Happy Day,’ dies

    (AP) — Along with Andrae Crouch, James Cleveland and a handful of others, Hawkins was credited as a founder of modern gospel music. […]

  • There’s room for compromise on FEMA helping houses of worship

    And it can be found in pending federal legislation. […]

  • People Using Magi Tradition to Respect Jesus in Israel

    Mystical Rituals Gaining a Resurgence For those of us who had a religious upbringing, there are two accounts of Jesus Christ’s birth. The one in the gospel of Luke and Matthew. The gospel of Luke describes the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem while the one in Matthew gives us a detailed account of how […] The post People Using Magi Tradition to Respect Jesus in Israel appeared first on World Religion News. […]

  • American Youth Believe Muslims Are the Most Religiously Discriminated Group

    Shows Generational Divide On Treatment of Muslims by Trump Recent polls among American youths have highlighted a surprising factor. According to a recent study, American youths have said they believe Muslims are the most religiously discriminated group in the United States. The general public also shows increased tolerance towards Muslims when compared to past years. […] The post American Youth Believe Muslims Are the Most Religiously Discriminated Group appeared first on World Religion News. […]

  • Nepalese Christians Arrested in India for Blasphemy

    Three Men from the Neighboring Hindu Nation were Arrested for Allegedly Insulting Hinduism. According to officials, the group was booked under IPC Section 295A, which outlaws the “deliberate and malicious” act of hurting the religious sentiments of any individual or group. The trio was presented to the court last week, after which they were immediately […] The post Nepalese Christians Arrested in India for Blasphemy appeared first on World Religion News. […]

  • Terms Related with Newborns (نوزائیدہ بچوں سے متعلق الفاظ)

    Antenatal: Stage of medical care for women expecting babies. (زمانۂ حمل ) Baby walker: A seat on wheels that a baby can sit in and use its feet to move along, before it is able to walk. (بچے کو چلنا سیکھانے کی مددگار کی گاڑی) Babysitting: To take care of babies in absence of parents. (والدین کی غیرموجودگی میں بچے کی نگرانی کرنا) Caesarian Birth: Delivery of a baby […]

  • Recollecting a Remarkable Mother

    “Well, the greatest thing about my mother was that she was very pious,” Abri began. By Roshan Shah Abri and Yora were colleagues, teachers in a college. In the evenings, after the college closed, they would spend some time together chatting at a tea-shop before heading off to their homes. One evening, Yora said to […]

  • Little Chinku’s Big Act of Kindness

    Chinku was an avid reader. She just loved reading-mainly animal stories, fairy-tales and books about inspiring people. By Sheeshu Hee One day, shortly after Chinku had turned 13, her father said to her, “Chinku, you’re a big girl now! You’re now a teenager, and so you should know what’s happening in the world. I want […]

  • Pope Francis Visits Bangladesh

    On his recent visit to Bangladesh, Pope Francis, head of the Catholic Church, greeted and blessed a group of Rohingya Muslim refugees who fled to Bangladesh from neighboring Myanmar. The moving meeting took place during an Interreligious and Ecumenical Meeting for Peace in the garden of the Archbishop of Dhaka’s residence. The 16 Rohingyas traveled to Dhaka from […]

  • Foggy Mountains and Awesome Monuments

    We rode a rickety cycle rickshaw to go around Chandini Chowk to have the real feel of the old world transport and chomped on famous jilebi and rabdi at an eatery. By Kaunain Seher It was my maiden flight journey that took me to Delhi from Bengaluru on November 4 morning as part of the holiday trip from […]

  • Conflicts, Poverty Spur Migrations

    3.4% of world’s people live outside the country of their birth; Since 2000, world’s migrant population has increased by 85 million people; 17 million Indians live outside India today. When a person lives outside the country of his birth, he is called an ‘international migrant’. There are now 258 million who are migrants, or living […]

  • A Modern Form of ‘Khanqah’

    This workshop is simple with the practical approach of Islam, instead, of ritualistic Islam. The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Mumbai on 25,26 & 27th November 2017, hosted by Maria Education Foundation and in Nagpur on the 1,2 & 3rd December 2017, organised by Fikr Care. Some of the participants share their experiences about […]

  • Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital & Research Centre’s Gynaec Health Camp Reaches Out to Women!

    Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital & Research Centre, in co-ordination with the Vision 20 Trust held a Health Camp at Crescent High School. By A Staff Writer Cancer, a disease dreaded by everyone, is the second largest killer disease. Cancer will become a major health problem in the next two decades and will pose a challenge […]

  • A Truly Happy Family

    “The family as an institution designed by God can bring out its full purpose and meaning only when it is entirely built on the principles laid out by God. There is to be a consistent and constant effort by two persons who are first individually subject to God’s direction and therefore as a unit respond […]

  • Matrimonial – January 2018 – WANTED BRIDE

    SMU, Good looking, Fair, MBA, bachelor, 36yrs/167cm working in Chennai. Wanted bride, any degree, fair, good looking, homely with decent family background, bride below 33yrs. Mob&Whatapp: 9840420070. EMAIL: “Sunni Parents from Mysore invite alliance for their only son (5’9″, 34 yrs, BE and working in a reputed MNC in Dubai) Girl should be educated, religious, […]

  • Photos of the Week

    (RNS) — This week's picks for our weekly gallery of religion photos from around the world. […]

  • Trump’s alleged ‘s***hole’ remark seems to discomfit some of his evangelical advisers

    WASHINGTON (RNS) — Several were bothered enough by the alleged comment to counter with their own words on immigration. […]

  • Listening to God’s word between Christmas and Lent

    (RNS) — This is “Ordinary Time" — a boring title for the part of the year that is not Advent, Christmas, Lent or Easter. But it is also an opportunity to be an extraordinary Catholic. […]

  • A Buddhist psychiatrist’s advice on facing trauma, troubles and Trump: Let it go

    (RNS) — 'Buddhism has been called the most psychological of the world’s religions and the most spiritual of the world’s psychologies,' says Mark Epstein. […]

  • Saying good-bye to Mormon president Thomas S. Monson

    Mormons are burying Pres. Monson today, and there is some controversy about how he will be remembered. I've rounded up some of the best writing on Pres. Monson's legacy. […]

  • On King holiday, religious groups look to 50th anniversary of assassination

    (RNS) — From Memphis to Washington, here are a few ways faith groups and their partners are noting that date in history. […]

  • Trump’s you-know-what countries, and one great Jewish writer

    When a president uses racist language, it's time for the early warning system to kick in. […]

  • Methodology

    The analysis in this report is based on telephone interviews conducted Nov. 29 to Dec. 4, 2017, among a national sample of 1,503 adults, 18 years of age or older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia (377 respondents were interviewed on a landline telephone, and 1,126 were interviewed on a […]

  • Acknowledgments

    Primary Researchers Elizabeth Podrebarac Sciupac, Research Associate Gregory A. Smith, Associate Director of Research Research Team Alan Cooperman, Director of Religion Research Besheer Mohamed, Senior Researcher Becka A. Alper, Research Associate Claire Gecewicz, Research Analyst Editorial and Graphic Design Michael Lipka, Senior Editor Aleksandra Sandstrom, Copy Editor Bill Webster, Information Graphics Designer        Communications and Web […]

  • Americans Say Religious Aspects of Christmas Are Declining in Public Life

    Most U.S. adults believe the religious aspects of Christmas are emphasized less now than in the past – even as relatively few are bothered by this trend. […]

  • Acknowledgments

    This report was produced by Pew Research Center as part of the Pew-Templeton Global Religious Futures project, which analyzes religious change and its impact on societies around the world. Funding for the Global Religious Futures project comes from The Pew Charitable Trusts and the John Templeton Foundation. This report is a collaborative effort based on […]

  • The Growth of Germany’s Muslim Population

    Immigration has been a major factor in the growth of Germany’s Muslim population. But, even if there is no more immigration, Muslims will continue to increase as a share of Germany’s population in future decades. […]

  • Europas wachsende muslimische Bevölkerung

    Prognosen zufolge wird der muslimische Anteil an der europäischen Bevölkerung zunehmen –  selbst ohne zukünftige Migration Europa hat in den vergangenen Jahren Rekordzahlen an Asylsuchenden verzeichnet, die vor Konflikten in Syrien und anderen vorwiegend muslimischen Ländern geflohen sind. Diese Welle an muslimischen Migranten hat in zahlreichen Ländern einwanderungs- und sicherheitspolitische Debatten ausgelöst und Fragen aufgeworfen […]

  • Croissance de la population musulmane en Europe

    Les projections prévoient une augmentation du pourcentage de musulmans dans la population européenne, même sans migrations ultérieures. Ces dernières années, l’Europe a connu un afflux record de demandeurs d’asile fuyant les conflits que connaissent la Syrie et d’autres pays à majorité musulmane. Cette vague de migrants musulmans a suscité dans de nombreux pays des débats […]

  • Appendix A: Methodology

    The estimates and projections in this report build upon and update data from the April 2015 Pew Research Center report, “The Future of World Religions: Population Growth Projections, 2010-2050.” Soon after the release of that report, a large influx of migrants entered Europe seeking refugee status. This report includes estimates of how Europe’s Muslim population […]

  • Europe’s Growing Muslim Population

    Even with no new migration, Muslims are projected to increase as a share of Europe's population. […]

  • Methodology

    This report brings together analysis of survey and demographic data from various previously published Pew Research Center reports. It also includes new analysis of the religious beliefs and practices of Orthodox Christians in Ethiopia and historical data on the distribution of Orthodox Christians, Catholics and Protestants around the world. Attitudinal data was collected through nationally […]

  • The Tragic Loss of Brendan Randall, Long-Time Affiliate and Senior Researcher of the Pluralism Project

    The Pluralism Project is devastated to learn of the death of Brendan Randall, a long-time affiliate and Senior Researcher of the Pluralism Project. He had a tragic accident while getting off a train in Philadelphia on Thursday, July 6 and … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • Cultivating Pluralism at a Critical Time

    Dear Friends, We greet you at the end of 2016, an extraordinary and critical year for the Pluralism Project and for America’s public and political commitment to pluralism. At a time when many Americans are uncertain about the strength of … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • Interfaith Efforts and Hurricane Sandy Recovery in New York City (2015)

    In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated areas in the Northeastern United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. In New York City, at least 43 people died and thousands of homes were destroyed.[1] The city experienced $19 billion in damages and it … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • CONNECT Faith

    CONNECT is a New York City-based organization that works to prevent domestic violence and promote gender justice. Located in Harlem, they partner with over 200 community-based organizations around the city. Research conducted by CONNECT in 2003-2005 revealed that, while women … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • Parliament of the World’s Religions: “Reclaiming the Heart of Our Humanity” (2015)

    The 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions was held in Salt Lake City, Utah from October 15-20, 2015 and attracted over 10,000 people from nearly 80 countries.[1] The event theme, “Reclaiming the Heart of Our Humanity,” came out of organizers’ … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • Community of Living Traditions

    What does it mean for a multifaith community to be involved in immigration or prison reform? How do we grow an intentional residential community where members can maintain their authentic and diverse religious commitments? How can a group of religiously … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • The Pluralism Project at 25: Can we count on you?

    Dear Friends, Greetings from Cambridge! This year marks the Pluralism Project’s 25th anniversary. Recently, we’ve been taking some time to look back at our accomplishments, to assess the need for the critical work of pluralism in the climate of our … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • Rev. Dr. Marcia Moret Sietstra

    The Rev. Dr. Marcia Moret Sietstra is a retired pastor within the United Church of Christ. She earned a doctorate of ministry from Andover-Newton Theological School in 2012. Sietstra is the author of three cases, all set in the Midwest, that are … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • Religion Communicators Council Convention: Faith-based Communications: Bridges, Avenues, and Intersections (2016)

    On Thursday, March 31 through Saturday, April 2, 2016 over 100 Religion Communicators Council (RCC) members met throughout New York City for a three-day conversation about the challenges, innovations, shortcomings and successes of faith-based communication. The shifting location of the … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • Interfaith Families Project of the Greater Washington, D.C. Area

    The Interfaith Families Project of the Greater Washington, D.C. Area (IFFP) is a unique community of families and individuals dedicated to celebrating and learning about both the Jewish and Christian traditions. Many of IFFP’s members are families parented by individuals … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • Persecution of Evangelical Christians intensifies in Iran

    There is growing concern that the harassment of Iranian Christians is reaching new levels, with Christian activities increasingly being classified as ‘actions against the security the state’. Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), which works for religious freedom through advocacy and human rights, has received reports that an official campaign to convert Christian prisoners to Islam is […]

  • World population could reach 15 billion this century

    Sometime on 31 October the world’s seven-billionth person is expected to be born, on a planet where resources are already stretched to breaking point. However, the United Nations has warned that we are heading for a world population of 15 billion by the end of the century, even though population growth has slowed since the […]

  • Church of Scientology denies investigating South Park creators

    The controversial Church of Scientology has vigorously denied claims that it investigated the creators of cartoon series South Park following the screening of episode called ‘Trapped in the Closet’. The episode, which poked fun at the Scientology belief system and lampooned its most prominent member, Tom Cruise, was aired in the USA in 2006 but […]

  • Bible burning disrupts Mass in St Peter’s Square

    Yesterday’s Mass in Rome’s St. Peter’s Square was disturbed by a man who shouted “Pope, where is Christ?” from the upper colonnade and then set fire to a bible. He was talked down by Vatican officials while Pope Benedict XVI continued the Sunday Mass seemingly unperturbed by the incident which occurred towards the end of […]

  • Government criticised for protecting gay people but not Christians

    The outspoken former Tory MP Anne Widdecombe is expected to accuse the government of ignoring the plight of Christians and yet threatening to cut aid to countries which persecute homosexuals. In a speech at the annual conference of Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) tomorrow, Miss Widdecombe is expected to claim that […]

  • Protesters deterring visitors to St Paul’s Cathedral

    The previously supportive authorities at St Paul’s have finally asked anti-capitalist protesters to disband the camp they have set up outside the cathedral. Thousands of protesters, angry at the way the global economic crisis is being handled, marched on the London Stock Exchange on Saturday. When police cordoned off the building, the protesters set up […]

  • Physical abuse unchallenged in UK Islamic schools

    Up to 500,000 students a day attend British madrassas but the physical abuse of pupils at these institutions is slipping through a loophole in the law according to a BBC investigation. Figures obtained by Radio 4’s ‘File on 4’ programme show that in the last three years more than 400 allegations of physical abuse against […]

  • War on Want slams UK government’s food policy

    In a new report, War on Want criticises governments in the developed world for food policies which destroy the livelihoods of small farmers and contribute to world hunger. 2009 was the first year in which over a billion people were officially classified as living in hunger and this wasn’t caused by natural disasters but by […]

  • Man jailed after posting anti-Celtic Facebook comments

    Stephen Birrell, who posted abusive comments on a Facebook page called “Neil Lennon Should be Banned” has been jailed for eight months after a trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court. Sheriff Bull Totten said he wanted to out “a clear message to deter others”. Birrell’s sectarian comments were posted earlier this year, shortly after he was […]

  • Catherine Tate is God in King James Bible celebration

    The 400th anniversary of the King James Bible is being celebrated with two 24-performances of ‘Sixty-six Books’, a cycle of plays written in response to each book of the Bible. The performances, today and on 28 October, mark the opening of London’s new Bush theatre which has relocated from above O’Neills pub, to the Shepherd’s […]